10 things to look out for with the Google AdWords upgrade to Enhanced Campaigns

enhanced2Anyone working in PPC advertising is well aware that Google is making it mandatory for all AdWords accounts to switch over to their new Enhanced Campaigns setup. A deadline set of July 22nd before all campaigns get automatically moved over to the new format.

The change has come about to help AdWords become more effective within the mobile search space and to make it easier to manage campaigns targeted at both desktop/tablet and mobile.

The headline changes are as follows:

  1. New conversion types:
    App Downloads and Calls from the Click-to-Call extension can be measured effectively. You can even set how long the call lasts for in order to be counted as a genuine enquiry. App downloads direct from search is an interesting proposition too, which will provide interesting feedback on clicks to the app download page vs actual downloads. All very mobile centric in any case.
  2. Tablets and desktop are now being treated as one and the same, from an end user categorization perspective:
    Tablets are becoming more mainstream and so there is becoming less of a premium or wealthier type status being assumed about tablet users so perhaps this is a sensible move from google to simplify things from an advertisers perspective. Mobile bids are adjusted as a percentage of the bid for desktop (e.g. bid only 80% of the bid on mobile) to factor in differences in bidding on mobile vs desktop. Read the full post »

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